Vote for Perreault and Rogers for Northborough BOS


Vote for Perreault and Rogers for Northborough BOSTo the Editor: 

Jason Perreault and Scott Rogers are the candidates that I am voting for Northborough Selectmen on June 30, 2020.  The reason is simple.  They are the two best qualified individuals to both direct and support the town administrator as we face the challenges of post pandemic living.  It’s about the money.  We have a $66 million dollar budget that is service driven.  The less money, the less services.  I want selectmen who understand this and have both the background and experience to insure the proper balance between providing and paying for the best services and programs available. The other 2 candidates may have other qualities or experiences that may lend themselves to other volunteer positions in town. Right now we need the fiscal chops of one former and one current Financial Planning Committee member.  We don’t have the luxury of teaching/training two novice selectmen at this time.  Vote for experience, it matters!

Fran Bakstran


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