Hapgood’s Cider


By Michael Perna Jr.

Shrewsbury – For many, many years, back in the days before Shrewsbury became the diverse, populated community that it is today, farming was the primary industry (and occupation) in town.  One of the main crops during those times was apples – all types and varieties.  L. B. Hapgood, who operated a cider mill on what is now Oak Street, processed apples into cider for many of the local growers.  From several accounts, both regular and “hard” cider was produced, then shipped off to Worcester and other locations.  The Hapgood cider mill ceased operations many years ago (the exact date remains to be discovered), however the building that once housed the mill still stands at what is now 105 Oak Street, where it has been a private residence since those long ago times.  Our photograph shows one of the labels Mr. Hapgood would put on to his cider bottles back in those days.