Election letters: Capobianco, Odone for Planning Board


Letter to the Editor logoNorthborough residents enjoy access to open spaces with trails, waterways, and parks within a 10-minute drive of any home in our town. We are also situated within a short driving distance of shopping centers, theaters, major highways, and small and large cities. Our schools are strong, and our neighborhoods are quiet and safe. In short, we are living in an ideal place to work, raise a family, and retire. 

Given that idyllic picture, why do we have so much contention over the development of our town? Why do we have a master plan – now two years old – and no follow through by the planning board? Why are residents, business owners and developers feeling tension over changes to the town? 

Although we have a strategic plan that would benefit all residents, we are frozen – spending precious time and energy on narrow agendas and debates over changes to bylaws designed to stop progress. While strategic planning is held up because of a few people with a narrow agenda who are actively seeking to stop progress, Northborough has been at a standstill for the last 2 years with no improvements to our downtown nor a clearly communicated vision that all residents can understand. Instead, we waste time and energy fighting those that seek to help, those that seek to improve our Town, and those that seek a voice in the name of progress.  We fail to communicate coherently to our own citizens. We are wasting time and valuable resources while we point to and envy neighboring towns. 

Let’s vote for candidates who get things done, who don’t cause friction, tension, and divisiveness. In short, let’s come together for one Northborough and start now to make the master plan a reality. Vote for Odone and Capobianco for Planning Board, the candidates who will move us forward toward our collective vision and goals.

— Kaitlyn Murray

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