Election letters: Martinek, Ziton for Planning Board, Hirsh, Wixted for Selectmen


Letter to the Editor logoReaders of the Community Advocate may have noticed a trend in Northborough political news. Residents want to be heard. The candidates proving time and time again that they are listening are Kerri Martinek and Anthony Ziton for Planning Board, and Julianne Hirsh and Kristen Wixted for Board of Selectmen. Each of these candidates continue to ask the tough questions and fight hard for what’s in the best interest of the voters, our neighborhoods, the environment, and our town. 

We need to work together to move this town forward, not backwards.  Our neighboring towns are finding solutions to transform their downtowns, support small business and bolster their economic development. If you believe in the character and potential of Northborough, let’s elect the right candidates to make it happen. The development of our town depends on it.

I’m voting for candidates that have proven that they put residents and smart economic development first. Vote Martinek and Ziton for Planning Board, and Hirsh and Wixted for Selectmen on May 11th


— Jonathan Rea

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