Ziton, Martinek issue joint statement


Editors note: Planning Board candidates Kerri Martinek and Anthony Ziton issued the following statement this week. Fellow Planning Board candidates Theresa Capobianco and Glenn Odone recently responded with their own statement.

It has been brought to our attention that in the campaign finance report filed with the town on May 3rd, 2021, Theresa Capobianco shows more than $3,300 in receipts from Capobianco Law, P.C. (Professional Corporation).

The Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) has advised us that Corporations, LLCs, LLPs and partnerships are prohibited from contributing to candidates, even if the business is owned by the candidate. Confirmation can be found in the state’s campaign finance law (MGL Chapter 55, Section 8) and verified in the FAQ section of the OCPF Campaign Finance Guide (page 20).

Contributions from a Professional Corporation are prohibited by law.

Ms. Capobianco’s business contributions are also implicated in candidate Glenn Odone’s incomplete financial report, where he reports $0 and indicates that Ms. Capobianco is currently handling the finances for both campaigns.

It is each candidate’s legal obligation to comply with campaign finance law and disclose all financial activity related to each individual campaign.

It is our stance that all campaign finance should be in accordance with the rules of Massachusetts elections and affording Northborough voters the transparency they deserve. One of the primary roles of the Planning Board is to pay close attention to the rules and the law, and to conduct ourselves in a transparent manner.

Kerri Martinek and Anthony Ziton continue to be appreciative of the residents, families, and seniors who have donated to our campaigns.