Letter to the Editor logoI have known Mike Vulcano for over 30 years, during which time I have witnessed his conscientious dedication to his family and community and business acumen. When he told me he was running for state rep, I very enthusiastically encouraged him, knowing that this fearless individual would do everything he could to represent the people in our district.

But I hadnt heard much about his opponent, so I looked up her record on billtrack50.com: Meg Kilcoyne voted YES on:

Increasing taxes on entrepreneurs and businesses; licenses to illegal immigrants; sanctuary state status; End charitable tax deductions; Green New Deal for Massachusetts; gender-affirming services a right for minors.

Meg Kilcoyne voted NO on:

Term limits for the House Speaker; publishing fill committee votes online and making testimony part of public record; publishing bills 48 hours before a vote (so public can read legislation and comment); penalties for voter fraud; voter id; block vaccine mandates at polling locations.

I asked Mike how he would have voted and his answers were exactly the opposite. He explained his reasoning on many, including our dire need to be energy independent; the importance of parental rights; the fallacy of increased safety provided by driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants (which include drug dealers and human traffickers); and more.

Ms. Kilcoyne’s website lists her endorsers, which include about 10 unions and Planned Parenthood.

I then understood why Mike was running and support him 100%.

Warm Regards,

Michael L. Durkin