‘Please vote YES on the Algonquin Athletic Complex’


Letter to the Editor iconI am writing as a mother of three future Algonquin students and as a Northborough resident to ask you to please vote YES on the Algonquin Athletic Complex.

The Algonquin Athletic Complex project will allow home track meets and lacrosse meets and practices to commence. Our district currently rents space in Shrewsbury and Marlborough and requires students to find rides there. We cannot even host home meets or matches! The project aims to upgrade the existing athletic facilities at Algonquin Regional High School, which will include:

-Becoming an ADA-compliant facility (this is enough for me!)
-A new track (not updated since the 1970s)
-Two turf fields (which will be able to be used in many seasons as it can be plowed)
-Upgrading seven tennis courts (which are currently crumbling)
-Adding three pickleball courts (to be used not only by all students in gym classes but also our community)
-Adding a basketball court (used by gym classes and community)
-New field lighting (not updated since the 1990s)
-An amphitheater (to be used by many students and our community)
-Press box (current one is unsafe and leaks)

Our community takes care of our seniors, our rescue staff, and now should take care of our students.

Please attend Town Meeting at 6pm on Monday, April 24, 2023, at Algonquin Regional High School and vote to support these much-needed upgrades. If approved, the new facility should be ready for the fall 2023 season!

For more information, visit www.gonkplex.org.

Thank you.

Suzy Familo Cieslica
PTO member, Proctor School Council Member, Northborough Resident

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