‘I have seen Carlos consistently show up and be an agent of change’


Letter to the Editor iconDear Editor,

I wholeheartedly endorse Carlos Garcia’s campaign for Shrewsbury Select Board. Like many, I came to know Carlos through the many ways he is engaged in our community. Whether it be through town meeting, the finance committee, or various campaigns, I have seen Carlos consistently show up and be an agent of change – and by extension have a positive impact on the lives of many.

It is no secret that our country has deep divisions and this often leaves us frustrated with the state of our government. What I hear time and again from people is how one person can’t make a difference, the obstacles are just too big and problems too complex. As a result, it’s easier to lean into anger and indifference when thinking about elections. I am certainly not immune from this thinking. But I am always reminded by people like Carlos that the true antidote to our problems is not to turn away from them but to meet them head on with compassion and competency, two qualities he fully embodies. He is motivated by an earnest desire to improve the lot of others.

Electing leaders like Carlos inspires us to rise above conflict and polarization because he shows us that good people with good intentions do actually want to serve their communities. His public service career has been defined by demonstrating that local government can be responsive, transparent, and work for the people of Shrewsbury. In turn, despite whatever feelings we may have about government, a bit of faith can be restored with leaders like Carlos, who challenges us to rise to the ideals that have made Shrewsbury a place of destination and opportunity for so many. Because of this, I know that Carlos has already made a difference and will continue to do so on the Select Board.  

Please vote for Carlos Garcia for Shrewsbury Select Board on May 2nd. 

Max German
Precinct 8 Town Meeting Member

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