Are We Giving Away the Farm?


Letter to the Editor iconFree College Education! Free Food! Free Child Care! Free Medical Care! Guaranteed Housing! And driver’s licenses for all, regardless of legal status! Our liberal government has made Massachusetts such an attractive destination that we’re being flooded with illegal immigrants. Low income housing developments and greatly increased traffic is changing the character of our once bucolic New England towns.

At the risk of sounding like a Scrooge, am I the only one who thinks that we’re going overboard in accommodating the disadvantaged?

It’s no wonder that so many middle-class people in this country are angry. How many of other people’s bills can we shoulder? I’m angry! Finally angry enough to vote Republican! Yes, I resent having to pay for my millionaire neighbors’ kids’ school lunches!

I am a Christian person who believes in helping others. I am also a 71 year old woman living on Social Security and a part time income. I have worked all my life and struggle to pay my mortgage, medical bills, insurance, taxes, and groceries. After college I paid off my student loans. Much of America is in that board and feels the same way.

Enough is enough! Unless they want to see Trump back in office after the next national election, I suggest our politicians wake up and start taking care of the citizens who elected them and are paying the bills.

Wendy Reid

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