“[W]ithin our bucolic community lies a hotbed of extensive criminal behavior”


Letter to the Editor iconI’d like to use this space to address fellow Northborough residents who may be unaware that within our bucolic community lies a hotbed of extensive criminal behavior. The litany of offenses that have occurred here include murder, rape, assault, prostitution, drug use / fatal overdoses, auto theft, residential break ins and gang activity. It may sound delusional but I assure you, it’s not. Just do a quick Google search of Northborough, Motel 6, crime and be prepared to be shocked. Image if you will that you happen to be a homeowner who lives in proximity to this site. This is the reality that myself as well as my neighbors, through no fault of our own, find ourselves in. I find myself dealing with feelings of envy and amusement but also anger whenever I read articles from town regarding disputes between residents and nearby businesses describing whether a truck should be allowed to take a right hand turn onto the street or whether certain signage is allowable in a particular setting. These disputes pale in comparison to the genuine fear we live with and are a luxury that we don’t possess. 

The Motel 6 is currently before the Town attempting to re-open after mercifully being shut down after a fire two years ago. It’s pure speculation on my part but it’s not a stretch to see a connection between the desire to fast track a re-opening and the desire to procure some of the ‘Sanctuary City’ money flowing from the state. I’ll leave that to you all to decide whether that’s a good thing for the town. In any case, it’s not a burden that’s born equitably. Those in proximity will bear the brunt. Frankly, I don’t understand why the town would even entertain the idea of allowing this site to re-open knowing full well it’s history. It would make far more sense to declare this business a public nuisance and attempt to attract a respectable owner. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to reach out to my fellow residents of Northborough and implore you all to find solidarity with us, the beleaguered residents of Lawrence Street. Please contact our local town officials and demand that they provide us all with the safe and healthy community we expect and deserve. 

Ed Serra

Editor’s Note: The Community Advocate was able to verify that this site has been the site of numerous criminal activities.

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