Samantha Perlman Succeeds in the Mayoral Debate and at Zarape Restaurant


Letter to the Editor iconI met Samantha Perlman at the Marlborough/Hudson Climate Actions Summit in 2022. We got coffee and talked about what Marlborough could do better in terms of sustainability and environmentalism, which was so important to me because I’m a sustainability freelance worker and writer. Her commitment to a stronger Marlborough came out in the first mayoral debate between her and the other candidates. She excelled at answering the questions posed by the moderator and panelists, and then when she was questioned by the other councillors, she answered with poise and provided exemplary details in response. She is a dedicated and hardworking Marlboroughian and has had many work, volunteer, and educational experiences that have given her the knowledge to excel as the next mayor for the city.

Last night, Zarape Restaurant hosted Sam’s “Samtember” event. It was a beautiful space for the occasion, and I was impressed by the turnout. I was even more surprised when I was the first chosen to say a few words in support of Sam! I was glad to do it. It was amazing to see brave volunteer after volunteer come up and speak in front of the crowd after me, because they believe in Sam, her progressive platform, and her success as a Councillor-at-Large for the City of Marlborough. There is no question who I will be voting for mayor on October 10th during the Preliminary Election and in the General Election on November 7th.

John Walters
Ward 3 Resident

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