Shrewsbury Rotary Club to hold recycling fundraiser


Shrewsbury Rotary Club to hold recycling fundraiser
The Shrewsbury Rotary Club will be holding its recycle day on Oct. 15. (Photo/Courtesy)

SHREWSBURY – The Shrewsbury Rotary Club is inviting the community to attend a community recycling fundraiser on Oct. 15 from noon to 3 p.m. at Town Hall.

Items accepted include phones, printers, light fixtures, electrical equipment, modems, radios, towers, routers, switch gears, chargers, small batteries up to a quart, battery operated tools, filing cabinets, printed circuit boards, bikes, keyboards, small countertop appliances and metal.

The club will also accept ballasts, wire, PCs, scanners, servers, switches, microwaves, medical equipment, fire alarm equipment, lithium-ion batteries, copy and fax machines, metal desks, pots and pans, tools, appliances without Freon and lawnmowers.

The club charges $40 for a carload or single items fees.

There are additional charges for several items: TVs $45, laptops $10, powered yard equipment $25, CRT monitors/flat screen monitors $25, computer or stereo speakers $20 for a set of two, household vacuums $20, car seats $25, humidifiers and dehumidifiers $20 and all fridges, AC units and freezers $35.

The club will not accept wood, bulk paper, lightbulbs, fluids, Styrofoam, garden hoses, upholstered furniture, mattresses, ceramics, bricks, stones, glass, board games or plastics.

The proceeds benefit the service projects of the Shrewsbury Rotary Club.

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