Bad immigrant policy on steroids


Letter to the Editor logoOur nation was built by immigrants.

We rely on immigrants who do not have a college degree, to be our landscapers, painters, roofers, dry wallers, etc.

Many I have spoken to work very hard and are pushing their children to embrace education as a way to climb up the socio-economic ladder on their way to enjoying the American dream.

But now, as directed by our Governor, we are welcoming a wave of very poor immigrants from third world countries into our luxury hotels and paying their housing and food costs for 1.5 years without any plan for getting them to find jobs and a realistic path towards self sufficiency. No requirements to work now or in the future.

This is a disaster as we are creating a new wave of entitled class set to live in free or subsidized housing for perhaps generations.

How many people raised in public housing ever leave public housing?

And yet a growing portion of American citizens are homeless.

And the middle class, to a growing degree, can’t afford to own their own home, as our politicians push policies that create ever bigger government, higher taxes, higher inflation and higher interest rates.

Government policy is making these problems worse and worse.


Joe Considine

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