‘Many of our veterans feel keeping our promises is critical’


Letter to the Editor iconTo the Editor:

I am writing in response to a letter written last month by Carole Davis. She expressed concern that veterans coming to the Army/Navy football game might feel disrespected because nearby hotel rooms were filled by illegal immigrants.  In the seasonal spirit of goodwill, I would like to present another point of view.

Ms. Davis assumes our homeless are all illegal immigrants.  My understanding of these families is that about half of them are Massachusetts’ families.  The other half is more likely undocumented.  I am not an expert on immigration law, but it is my understanding that illegal immigrants would not qualify for housing.  It is more likely that they would be deported.

I cannot imagine the trauma associated with losing my home, or worse, having to flee for my life.  Some of our own ancestors may have faced a similar decision at one time.   

My Dad was a veteran of WW2, a combat Marine awarded a Purple Heart.  Growing up, he stressed the values this country tries to stand for: one of the most important is that the most valuable thing a person has is keeping their word. Another is that “Obedience to the Law is Liberty”. If only one of these undocumented families, following our current immigration laws, came from Afghanistan and fled for their lives because they assisted our military, we should not criticize them now.  In fact, I think many veterans would be proud that we are trying to keep our promises for their efforts to keep our service members safe.  

In addition to my father’s service in the Marines, my combined and extended family includes veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and back in WW2, the Merchant Marines and the Black Watch/British Commandos. I did not serve in the military but have lived with veterans my entire life.  I can say with confidence that many of our veterans feel keeping our promises is critical.  It is in that spirit of good will that I write this letter.  Lastly, to all our veterans – thank you!

Julie Ross

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