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Saturday, August 17, 2019
Student Cam Cooper (left) with Pat Daley. Photo/submitted

Sharing happiness and smiles in Hudson Schools

By Kate Tobiasson, Contributing Writer Hudson - Some people live their lives with open arms and hearts. Pat Daley is one of those people. Born and...
Singing the national anthem with the Senior Choral Union are (l to r) Angie Figueiredo, Samantha Hogan, Dasha Khvorova-Wolfson and Helena Spofford. Photo/Ed Karvoski Jr.

Westborough High’s class of 2019 enjoys graduating outdoors

By Ed Karvoski Jr., Contributing Writer Westborough – Weather cooperated June 1 for the Westborough High School (WHS) class of 2019 to enjoy a spirited...
Students in the seventh grade English Language Arts class taught by Kate Tobiasson Photo/Bonnie Adams

Quinn Middle School class shares opinions via ‘Letters to the Editor’

Hudson – Students in Kate Tobiasson’s class seventh grade English Language Arts class at the Quinn Middle School recently completed a unit on persuasive writing....

Shrewsbury Public Schools: A History

By Alexandra Molnar and Zenya Molnar Contributing Writers GENERAL INFO In 1851, Shrewsbury was divided into seven districts with one school building for each district. Each...

Thanks to M.O.V.E. program, Shrewsbury students attain experience and self-esteem 

By Bonnie Adams, Managing Editor Shrewsbury – Nowadays, it’s not only important to learn in a classroom; real-life experience is also a critical component to success....

Marlborough High grads get advice, praises and diplomas

By Ed Karvoski Jr., Contributing Writer Marlborough – The Marlborough High School (MHS) class of 2018 graduates heard words of wisdom, compliments and lots of memories...

Saint John’s robotics team headed to state finals

Shrewsbury - The Pioneer Robotics team of Saint John’s High School has earned one of only 32 spots in the state finals of the...
(l to r) Rebecca Mihopoulos, Amy O’Leary and Titus DosRemedios Photo/Liz Nolan

Northborough parent group advocating for tuition-free, full-day kindergarten

By Liz Nolan, Contributing Writer Northborough - The parent-led advocacy group Northborough for Full Day Kindergarten has been bringing awareness to the topic of tuition-free,...

A History of Northborough Schools

A History of Northborough Schools Northborough’s school history began shortly after the town was incorporated in 1766. The town strongly believed in its duty to educate its citizens by providing public schools, starting with grammar schools and eventually opening a high school.

Longtime teacher reflects on Westborough’s past

Westborough – For those of us living in Westborough in 2017, life is busy. It is hard to imagine that this town was once something other than the hurricane of activity that roars through the rotary each day, leaving us with the suspicion that time is cleverly finding a way to sneak by faster and faster. I often think about, maybe even wish for, the life I see in my grandparents grainy black and white high school pictures. My grandparents’ Westborough of the 1950s was far from perfect, especially for those cast to the fringes of society for any number of reasons. Despite this reality, have we jumped too far ahead of ourselves? Aren’t some of us stuck in a perpetual passing lane and running desperately low on fuel? Maybe, we have lost some common shared values that were, in part, responsible for the quality of life many of us live today. To get some perspective, I searched for someone who has made a life in this town and invested energy into this community’s progress. It didn’t take long for my search to land on Charlotte Spinney, or Ms. Spinney, as she was known for the 41 years she taught at Westborough High School.