Letter to the editor: Pipeline would be bad for Grafton


To the Editor:

I am writing about the Spectra pipeline, a high-pressure gas pipeline proposed to run through Grafton.

Growing up in Grafton, it was easy for me to focus my concern on problems beyond my hometown. I educated myself on environmental hazards far from me, like Hurricane Katrina or Shanghai air pollution. These challenges felt insurmountable and beyond my reach. Learning about this pipeline made me realize that these issues are closer to home than I once believed.

The pipeline would be bad for Grafton. It’s not a long-term solution and will cost residents in unnecessary construction, maintenance, and cleanup when it inevitably leaks. Electricity users pay $90 million per year in the Greater Boston area alone for gas lost through leaks.

There’s nothing clean about natural gas—all gas pipelines eventually leak methane. They say if you can’t pronounce the chemicals on the back of your food labels, don’t eat them. The same should go for the energy used to power your home. Air testing near compression stations of pipelines often include benezene, dimethydisufide, naphthalenes, etc. This pipeline poses real threats to our backyards, drinking water, and beautiful public spaces.

By voting yes to pass a resolution against the development of this dangerous infrastructure, Grafton has the opportunity to show the world how a community can come together.   Massachusetts has a proud tradition of being on the right side of history, let’s continue to be a leader. Speak up, stand out, and take care of your community.

Alex Gulachenski


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