Vote for Samia for Shrewsbury Selectman


To the Editor:

John Samia is a lifelong Shrewsbury resident who is proud of Shrewsbury and believes in giving back to his community. In the over 15 years I have known John, he has been actively involved within the community.  John has been a Town Meeting member for over 10 years, served 3 terms on the Shrewsbury School Committee, and served on the 2013 Shrewsbury Fiscal Study Committee.  John is not a passive participant in these endeavors but instead takes the time to communicate with others, listen, ask questions and thoroughly understand the issues in order to propose solutions that encompass multiple viewpoints.  He understands that complex issues often require long-term solutions. While on the Shrewsbury School Committee, he recognized that fiscal issues required long term planning and initiated discussions for a 5-year budget focus.

John’s professional experience as a corporate attorney has taught him to be a problem solver by understanding both sides of an issue and building consensus for workable solutions. John’s problem-solving experience, background in finance and budgeting, combined with his Shrewsbury School Committee and Fiscal Study Committee experience provide him with the tools and experience to step in and contribute immediately as a member of the Board of Selectmen.

As Shrewsbury moves forward, we need someone with John’s experience and drive to understand the challenges facing Shrewsbury in the near and long-term and to work across departments to develop a long-term plan to not only just keep Shrewsbury as a great community, but also to make it an even better community for years to come.

Please join me in voting for John Samia for the Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen on Tuesday May 7th.


Denis M. O’Connell