Vote for Rogers for Northborough BOS


Vote for Rogers for Northborough BOSTo the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Scott Rogers and his candidacy for Northborough’s Board of Selectman.  I believe that Scott’s knowledge and experience of working on the town’s Financial Planning Committee is extremely important given the challenging times that we are currently facing.

I have known Scott for roughly ten years and, like many in town, met him through his service and strong commitment to volunteerism.  Scott has touched countless lives in the town through his continued selfless giving of his time and energy to the community.  This should not be the single reason that Scott receives your vote but it is a key factor when looking at the character, integrity and humanity of a candidate, especially in the current climate that we live in.

In understanding the different perspectives of the candidates, it is important to recognize the adverse effect on some of the proposed tax changes will have on many businesses in town and the ability of the town to attract additional businesses to Northborough.  I believe the current single tax rate structure is the right one for the town as it allows businesses to thrive and grow with the town, understanding that a change at this time during a pandemic would close more doors rather than give them the best chance to reopen and stay open.  Knowledge, understanding and experience of the town’s financial structure as well as the current and upcoming challenges will be critically important to help steer the town through a time of financial stress.  That is why I will be supporting candidate Scott Rogers on June 30th.

Scott is the open minded, consensus building and thoughtful candidate that we need on the Northborough Board of Selectman, he presents a balanced view of the issues with the knowledge and experience to help guide Northborough through this difficult time.

Brian Girard


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