Thank you to Kane and Moore


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I am writing to give a huge thank you and shout out to State Rep. Hannah Kane (R-Shrewsbury) and State. Sen. Michael Moore (D-Millbury) for being incredible champions to the children and youth in our state foster care system here in Worcester county as well as throughout the state. 

Recognizing the plight of these children, Representative Kane and Senator Moore have worked with their colleagues to promote understanding of the need for permanency for children and youth in foster care.  They both were invaluable to the efforts to secure funding for Permanency Mediation, as an alternative to a contentious and lengthy court process.

Permanency Mediation is a proven child centered process that enables those who know and care most about the children and youth, such as parents, foster parents, social workers, teachers, counselors and, if appropriate the youth themselves, to work together to create solutions for children and youth. With a rise of Juvenile court cases (22% increase in cases during 2012-2019) combined with the impact of COVID, Representative Kane and Senator Moore saw the urgent need to provide an alternative to a drawn-out court process, the children’s need for permanency in their lives as well as the benefits of this cost effective service to the Commonwealth.

They are truly legislators with commonsense and heart who are continually willing to fight for the neediest among us.   A heartfelt thank you to Representative Hannah Kane and Senator Michael Moore!


Judith D. Rosenberg, Esq.


Chair of the Massachusetts Coalition for Permanency for Children

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