Northborough resident disappointed with Reardon not being on design committee


Letter to the Editor logoTo Whom It May Concern (Citizens of Northborough):

I am writing to express how disappointed I am to recently learn that Tom Reardon is no longer a member of the Design Review Committee (DRC) of Northborough.  It is especially disheartening to learn that this decision is not of his choosing. 

Tom has been a member of the DRC for 20 years.  He is an architect by trade and has been for 40 years.  He has lived in Northborough for 35 years and since that time has served on the DRC, the White Cliffs Committee and the master plan committee and is about to be interviewed by the Board of Selectmen to serve on the Historic District Committee.

Tom has contributed to the town of Northborough by designing over a dozen buildings in the various commercial districts. He is committed to the beauty and functionality of the town and to the well-being of its citizenry. It is a great loss to the town to no longer have Tom serve on the DRC. This decision is baffling to me and I would think it would be baffling to most citizens of Northborough.

I wonder why someone with his skills, knowledge and commitment would be asked to leave the DRC. Why someone with his experience wouldn’t be sought after to serve on such a committee for as long as he is willing, is curious. He understands architecture, how buildings are designed and built, and he understands the building code inside and out.

The DRC has a history of having members who have experience with design and construction, understanding of the building code, and of town regulations.  They have worked well together through the years, using their skill, experience and history to guide those with new building projects through the town processes, all the while keeping the best interest of the town and its citizenry in mind. Why the membership of this efficient and highly functional committee would be disrupted is beyond me.  

It is important that we understand the governing structure of our town, how it operates and who serves on our committees and boards. 

Debra Grollman


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