Westborough resident favors having Mass General Brigham services in town


Letter to the Editor logoAs a voter and home owner of Westborough, I strongly favor MGB [Mass General Brigham] providing health services in Westborough.

The reasons are somewhat obvious:

1) Closer physical services save time and money to clients. 

2) Provides competition to allow providers to sharpen their services benefiting both MGB and clients.

3) As our population ages these services are required to lessen the burden on existing resources like UMass Marlborough.

4) It will create more jobs for all. The needs will only grow due to an improving economy.

It is a false logic to say it will hurt the poorer people of our society.  In fact the opposite will be true because it will

improve the operating efficiency of all services. 

It is a no brainer to favor this facility and I see nothing but pluses for all people rich or poor.



Stephen Faris