‘Why is the name Algonquin not being retired?’


Letter to the Editor logoWithout delving into the merits of the mascot change movement, I put ink to paper simply to express my confusion as to why the name Algonquin is not also being retired?

Tomahawks are objects; Algonquin is a people. If the point of the mascot change movement is to avoid cultural appropriation, then the school name must change.

How do we have the authority/permission of the Algonquin to keep their name on our school, regardless of whether we put a Tomahawk on shirts or whether we put a butterfly? 

Algonquin Bobcats (or whatever) does not resolve the issue of cultural appropriation. If Algonquin is allowed to remain, then this whole exercise will have been in vain. 

Take the lead of other regional school districts (Lincoln/Sudbury, Dover/Sherborn, Acton/Boxborough, etc.) and rename the high school the Northborough/Southborough Regional High School, and then pick whatever mascot you want. 

Aaron Hutchins

Former Northborough Board of Selectmen