‘A public library is here to serve the entire community’


Letter to the Editor iconI’m writing to express my support for all of the Westborough Public Library staff, librarians, and library trustees, and all the work they do to make the Westborough Public Library be so successful at its mission serving all the residents of our town regardless of age group, income level, religious or ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

A public library is here to serve the entire community, even if there are times when a book’s or media item’s content or subject matter may not be comfortable for everybody. If somebody finds content objectionable, they can close that item and put it back on the shelf, so that another resident can have access to it and decide if it’s something they wish to read themselves or check out for their children. No one has the right to dictate what we can read or can’t read to our children or ourselves. The right to read is as much a part of who we are as freedom of speech or freedom of religion.

I trust a professional library staff to know how to appropriately and sensitively acquire new books and display them. I’m glad to see the library funding article was approved at Town Meeting, and hope it will be possible to expand the library in the future.

With warmest wishes,

Joshua Gordon

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