Tricks, treats, and trucks at Shrewsbury Town Hall


Tricks, treats, and trucks at Shrewsbury Town Hall
Children decorate pumpkins at Shrewsbury’s Truck-or-Treat. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

SHREWSBURY – Saturday’s Truck-or-Treat event was proof that nothing can get between kids and candy – not even pouring rain.

Hundreds of parents and children – wearing Halloween costumes and toting candy buckets – braved the early-morning rain at Shrewsbury Town Hall on Oct. 21 for a truck-or-treat that involved six-plus town departments. The event drew crowds from throughout the community; the Town Hall parking was full by 10 a.m. 

Vehicles from just about every department – from SELCO electric vehicles to fire trucks – were available for exploration; town officials estimated roughly $3 million worth of equipment was parked at the event. The Shrewsbury Police Department draped spiderwebs over their cruiser, SELCO hung ghosts from the bucket truck, and interested attendees were able to climb into the driver’s seat of plow trucks, pavers, lawnmowers, and more.

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Children decorated pumpkins, frosted and ate donuts, and – of course – went around the event to fill their candy buckets. 

“It makes all the work that it takes to put this together worth it,” said Director of Recreation Laurel Rossiter. “There are so many kids in their adorable costumes decorating donuts, decorating pumpkins, and climbing on trucks. It’s so great to see everyone here enjoying time together and the fun activities we were able to provide.”

The Shrewsbury Recreation Department, Shrewsbury Parks Division, Shrewsbury Highway Division, Shrewsbury Water & Sewer Division, Shrewsbury Police Department, Shrewsbury Fire Department and SELCO were involved in the event. 

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