Selectmen hear pros, cons of Proposition 2-? request

By K.B. Sherman, Contributing Writer

Shrewsbury-large-web-iconShrewsbury – A standing-room-only crowd attended the Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen's meeting March 18. The topic on the agenda was the Fiscal Year 2015 Operating and Capital Budget, but the crowd's interest was squarely on funding for the town's schools, which participants claimed is woefully inadequate.

Over a period of nearly three hours, 29 voters, plus School Superintendent Dr. Joseph Sawyer and School Board Committee Chair Sandra Fryc, rose to address the selectmen and the audience with claims that inadequate funding has damaged the town's schools and has resulted in a drop from Level 1 to Level 2 in achievement.

First to speak was Robert Holland, 8 Raymond Drive, who listed what he believes are some of the schools” shortcomings and which were repeated numerous times by other attendees. He claimed that Shrewsbury has been irresponsible in funding its schools, in part because the town has refused to raise its property tax rates. This was a common theme during the meeting as voters addressed selectmen and urged them to put before the voters a Proposition 2-? override.

Another common theme was that the town is being inured by the voters” unwillingness to fund the schools at the necessary level. Holland decried unfunded mandates from the state legislature and what he claimed were insufficient funds for not only the town's schools, but roads, pensions for town employees, and money for town seniors” programs.

The most common complaint was school class size, with proponents of a Proposition 2- ? override noting that the average class size has increased to 30 students.

Two attendees bucked the trend and claimed that more money for the schools was unnecessary and even wasteful. John Lukach, 4 Bunker Hill Drive, presented a list to rebut the claims of the others at the meeting. He testified that town teachers” salaries have increased 48 percent, or $8.9 million, since 2004, despite the recession the country has been experiencing. He also maintained that the staff to teacher ratio in the schools is 16.7 to 1, not 30 to 1, and questioned how many non-teacher staff members were really needed. He also claimed that Shrewsbury teachers were more highly paid than the state average. Echoing a note from other speakers, he decried the cost of special education mandates, stating that, while state special education costs have increased 20.6 percent from 2001 to 2011, Shrewsbury costs have risen from 13.7 percent to 24.6 percent during the same period.

After identifying himself as a professional mathematician and statistician, Dr. Charles Garabedian, 24 Westmont Road, presented a study alleging that more money for a school does not result in improvements in student achievement, either locally in Massachusetts or nationwide.? ??Sawyer and Fryc also spoke, reiterating the points made by most other attendees. Sawyer said he is proud that his schools were spending more than the average on special education.

After all had been heard, the Board of Selectmen made their comments. Town Manager Daniel J. Morgado countered an earlier claim that the town is “broke” and instead claimed that the town is simply being frugal and well-run. Selectmen Chair Henry J. Fitzgerald asserted that the town must react now to solve the school problem, while Selectman Moira Miller added that school funding has been a topic for them since 2004, and that the issue needs to be put before the voters this year. Selectman James F. Kane added that the time has come for the town to “go smart” in dealing with the problem. All agreed that a Proposition 2-? override needs to be put before the voters this year, although there was no formal vote on the matter.


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4 Comments for “Selectmen hear pros, cons of Proposition 2-? request”

  1. I’m happy to see that the BOS think this should be put before the town to vote on however I do not think it has a great chance of passing. Both sides have valid points but unfortunately if things go as they went in the past, there will be stretching of the facts by both sides and the town will become more divided in the process.
    Even though I will vote yes for an override, the real problem is getting the state to pass more of our tax dollars to the local communities so the towns can spend the money where it is really needed. Until this happens the problem will never go away since state government can’t print money like the federal government can.
    I have lived in Shrewsbury over 20 years and its a great town with great schools, services and people and no matter what the outcome is, it will continue to have very good schools however there will be kids on the fringes that could get hurt in the process. The people in town need to determine if the extra taxes are worth it.

    • I agree with you and that’s a great point regarding the state. I personally support the Override as well. I have looked at the budget and the comparisons and see that Shrewsbury is doing more with less. But if someone told me they had voted against it then maybe our argument was not convincing enough or that they simply did not want to raise their taxes. If you want to live in a democracy then you have to accept that people have different points of views and that should be respected. All I ask is that each voter considers the override and offers their input, whatever that maybe. My is fear what happens to tax revenue, real estate value etc….if our school system loses its attraction and reputation that many families have moved here for?

  2. Yes, it is very important that voters are informed. This website has excellent fact sheets about all areas of the town budget: http://www.shrewsburyadvocates.org/facts.php

  3. Yes, it is very important that voters are informed. This website has an excellent set of fact sheets about all areas of the town budget: http://www.shrewsburyadvocates.org/facts.php

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