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Letter to the editor: Shrewsbury fair a success thanks to volunteers

To the Editor: The Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival was a success as witnessed by so many smiling faces, both young and old.? The sunny...

Letter to Editor: Palitsch ‘best advocate for the district’s needs’

To The Editor, Jason Palitsch is the best candidate for State Representative. His three years on the Shrewsbury School Committee, his three years as a...

Letter to the Editor – Vote “Yes” for Shrewsbury library project

To the Editor: I encourage voters to support the Shrewsbury Library Project. The library is so much more than a library; it is a community...

Digital technology impact on libraries could be devastating

To the Editor: The digital revolution is defining how the young and old will read and learn in the 21st century. The library of the...

Viewpoint – Phi Beta “Average” of high school

Dear Phi Beta “Average” of High School - Seniors are busy writing scholarship essays and I know why they are having such a hard time….they...

Shrewsbury’s vanishing twin

To the Editor: There’s a medical phenomenon called the “Vanishing Twin”. With the advent of sonographic examinations, a twin pregnancy may be diagnosed in early...

Thank you from Spirit of Shrewsbury Festival Committee

The 2017 Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival has closed out another successful celebration.  Warm weather drew crowds of near record numbers to the annual Town Expo and Craft Fair.

Solution needed for hallway blockage in schools

To the Editor, I am writing about my feelings toward hallway traffic in public schools. I believe that we should be taught at an early age that people drive on the right side of the road so we can apply the concept to walking in hallways. Also, I believe that we should be taught to not stop in the middle of the hallway like cars do not stop in the middle of the road for no reason unless there is an emergency or they have to turn. I believe that this would make hallways safer and easier to move around in.

Thank you to all for Spring Festival and Family Fun Day

On behalf of our entire Westborough 300th Anniversary Committee, we would like to thank everyone who helped to make the Spring Festival and Family Fun Day that took place on the grounds above Lake Chauncy yesterday, June 10th, a tremendous success

Viewpoint – All economies are local

Massachusetts communities can no longer rely on state or federal aid to fill their budget gaps. Therefore, each municipality must take responsibility for its own economic fate. Towns and cities are failing to take advantage of economic development opportunities and tax revenues. They do not understand how to create the optimum number of local jobs, nor understand municipal metrics that determine their economic well-being. They lack knowledge about their industry clusters, especially about which are thriving or struggling. They do not know the decision makers at those enterprises who pay business taxes and create jobs.