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Letter to the Editor – Vote “No” on Shrewsbury library expansion

To the Editor: There is a huge library being promoted in Shrewsbury. It is known that paper books are being replaced by digital books and...
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Support of the planned Mass General Brigham facility in Westborough

Dear sir/Madam: I am writing in support of the planned Mass General Brigham facility in Westborough. I was so happy to see that the Select...

Volunteers sought for new Westborough Spirit Committee

Dear Westborough Citizens, I’m writing this note in the hopes that we can generate some interest among our Westborough citizens in becoming a member of...
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Vote for Stock in special election

To the Editor, We wholeheartedly support Donna Stock for Select Board in the upcoming special election.  We have known Donna for nearly 20 years and in that...

Westborough’s 300th anniversary parade was awesome

What an awesome parade! With all the political unrest in this country, uncertainty in world affairs, and devastating storms ripping through our neighbors’ yards to the far south, the Westborough parade was an exciting diversion for us.

Letter to the editor: Thank you from Shrewsbury Library Board of Trustees

To the Editor: Thank you Shrewsbury voters! This journey began in 1998 when it became clear that the current library was not meeting the needs...
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Vote for Biden Nov. 3

To the Editor,  Trump touts our great economy. Meanwhile, over 13 million Americans are out of work, cannot afford to pay their rent/mortgage, and must...
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Now is the time for climate solutions

To the Editor: The situation with man-made climate change is extremely serious. Greenhouse gases emitted largely as a byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels are...

Ban on plastic bags poses difficulties for senior citizen

As a senior citizen having a hard time living on Social Security, which has not increased in three years, and having a more difficult time paying Shrewsbury taxes which have increased $1,200 in the past three years, I want to thank you  - the voters – for getting rid of plastic grocery bags.
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‘I choose to receive my medical care at Mass General Brigham’

To the Editor: I choose to receive my medical care at Mass General Brigham hospitals in Boston. As of now. I am still able to...