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Resources for those affected by domestic violence

Dear Westborough Community, On behalf of Westborough Youth & Family Services, I offer our concern and care for Westborough community members who have been affected...
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‘Keeping our Northborough and Westborough streets illuminated’

To the Editor: Having reported numerous streetlight outages over the past several years in the interests of both safety and security, I’m writing this as...

Support Shrewsbury library project

To the Editor: Why vote "Yes" for a new Shrewsbury Library? According to the perpetual naysayers, there is never a good time to vote for anything.?...

Letter to the editor: Peaslee PTO says thanks

To the Editor: On the evening of Nov. 6, Marguerite E. Peaslee School was filled with kids having dinner and snacks, playing games, jumping in...
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‘Each ‘Yes’ vote brings the vision closer to reality’

I am writing to urge Westborough residents to vote in favor of the Westborough Public Library Renovation Project at 9 a.m.

Viewpoint – Phi Beta “Average” of high school

Dear Phi Beta “Average” of High School - Seniors are busy writing scholarship essays and I know why they are having such a hard time….they...
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‘We need them. They need us.’

Hundreds of Haitians are starting the difficult process of entering our community. They have endured a major earthquake ...
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Open Letter to the Westborough Community

To the Editor:  As we reflect upon the brutal events of the past months and years, we are heartbroken by the suffering and atrocities that...
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‘Sandy’s expertise is an invaluable asset to our town’

I’m endorsing Sandy Fryc for re-election to Shrewsbury’s School Committee. Over the last 8 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sandy as a School Committee member.
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Hudson students’ ‘speak up’ in letters to Editor project

Hudson – Students in Kate Tobiasson’s class seventh grade English Language Arts class at the Quinn Middle School recently competed a unit on persuasive writing....
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Thank you to the Shrewsbury Senior Center

To the editor: My wife and I would like to express our appreciation to the staff of the Shrewsbury Senior Center. On Tuesday night, December...

Northborough Candidate Statements – Board of Selectmen – Tom Dalton

Please provide a brief biographical background on yourself. What should voters know about you?  I was born and raised a New Englander, I am extremely...
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Vote for Joanne Stocklin, Northborough Town Moderator

Although I write this letter as a Northborough resident, my experience as Chair of the Planning Board has opened my eyes to the value of ...
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Vote for Kilcoyne Nov. 3

To the Editor:  As we approach Election Day, I want to express my gratitude for the outpouring of support you have shown for my candidacy...
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Grateful senior citizens in Hudson

We want to publicly thank the Hudson Fire Department for the services provided to the senior residents living here at the Esplanade Condo Association...
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‘The town needs to go back to the original commercial zoning for this area’

When Shrewsbury town meeting members voted to change zoning from commercial to limited industrial, we do not feel that they fully understood the magnitude of this decision.
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‘I strongly support maintaining a single tax rate’

On November 20th, the Northborough Select Board faces a crucial decision in setting tax rates for the current fiscal year.
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Northborough resident disappointed with Reardon not being on design committee

To Whom It May Concern (Citizens of Northborough): I am writing to express how disappointed I am to recently learn that Tom Reardon is no...

Letter to the Editor: Town garbage bags are a ‘fail”

To the Editor: After following a trail of smelly garbage that fell out of the holes in the cheaply made, ever shrinking, mandatory town garbage...

Letter to the Editor: A note of thanks from the family of Carol I....

To the Editor: Carol I. Parker, 95, of Westborough died on Aug. 28, 2014, at the Beaumont Nursing Home, in Westborough. She was the daughter...