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Thank you from Shrewsbury Garden Club

To the Editor: Bringing the community together for a common positive purpose is always a good idea. The Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival accomplishes that goal....

Letter to the editor: Tractor trailers cause concern

To the Editor: I live in Carleton Gardens at 151 Milk St in Westborough. There is a big problem with speeding tractor trailer trucks on...

Re-elect DePalo and Fitzgerald

To the Editor: Shrewsbury has a very important election Tuesday, May 6. Three candidates seek election to the Board of Selectmen; all three are either...

Letter to the Editor: Successful Westborough Scanning Day preserves local history

On Feb. 4, the Westborough Public Library held its first-ever Scanning Day, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Friends of the Westborough Public Library.

Thank you to the community

To the Editor, We, at Craftworks, your local Brick and Mortar craft fair and local yarn shop would like to thank the community for your...

Letter to Editor: Kane has a ‘get-it-done attitude’

To the Editor: Hannah Kane's endless energy, first-hand knowledge, practical experience, and get-it-done attitude are just what we need to represent the interests of Shrewsbury...

Letter to Editor: Recognizing the loss of 1.5 million Armenian Martyrs

April 24th is the 101st commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. Our history is well documented; save for some who think that revising history somehow changes it. We should never forget April 24, 1915, through 1923, when Armenian intellectuals and community leaders were rounded up and murdered, or forced into death marches. This massacre left over 1.5 million Armenian dead from the actions of Young Turk Government members.

Letter to the editor: Proud of Northborough's Selectmen

To the Editor: I winced when I read the headline for the article in the 6/14/13 issue of the Community Advocate about National Grid having...

Letter to the editor: History of Harry's Restaurant property

To the editor: Re: the article "Harry's Restaurant" in the Feb. 22 issue of the Community Advocate In 1946 the property "Harry's sits on was part...

Letter to the editor: Girl Scouts travel thanks to community support

Westborough Girl Scout Troop 30633 would like to thank the community for their tremendous support in helping them achieve their travel goals, and supporting a strong Girl Scout program in our town. The troop, 15 girls and four adults, traveled to Arizona this summer. The girls have been holding money earning projects since November 2014, raising $10,000 to supplement the cost of the trip.